Nimi’s birthday

I can’t tell you for sure
for how long I’ve known her,
and since when we’re friends.
What I can tell you is,
what this friendship means to me,
and how beautiful a soul is she!
My constant,
store-house of all my secrets, and
roll-on-the-floor-and-laugh partner.
She joins me, unfailingly,
in all the illogical things I do.
And, later on helps me to reason with it too.
She laughs at my bad dating history,
and I at her.
We think and sigh together
and think, how we could’ve done it better.
She fills my otherwise ‘monotonous’ life,
with her melodramas. And every time,
I think I am done listening to her.
She indulges in something funnier.
(But, I just hope she stops
sending me that ‘if friendship lasted 7 years,
it will last forever’


Today is her birthday
and, I just want to say-
I will be there, to help you
enjoy and tackle every craziness
that comes your way.

A very happy birthday!


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