You can be who you choose to be.
Depends on how you grew up,
and what kind of society you saw?
You can be a lover,
caring and kind.
Welcomed, praised and embraced
with a heart and open mind.
One that reaches to one’s soul,
makes one happy and washes away
scars and gives a reason to smile.
One that is a friend first, and understand
what are one’s needs.
Whose touch speaks of love,
and overwhelms one’s entire being.
Which starts a fire in someone’s core
and when you leave, one craves for more.

Or you can be an intruder,
uncaring and unkind.
Your touch,
unwanted, feared and abhorred.
Yet relentlessly and with domination, you try.
From you, they run away and look for shelter to hide.
Because of you, they bleed and cry.
You can be an intruder, who just seeks to
satiate lust. One, who just sees a body
and the vulnerability it holds.
Pity! How of love, you have never heard nor told.


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