How are we raising our kids?

How are we raising our kids? Last Saturday, when I went to a pub to catch up with an old friend, this question pricked my mind. I know, pub is not a right place to think about parenting, but I did. And I will tell you why.The place was a huge 4 storey building, with different seating spaces on each of the floor. We went to the top most one. The entire place was empty except a few tables. Most of the people were college students; the laughter, the happy shrieks, and the argument on whose turn it is to try the hookah next, were unmistakably very ‘college-goers’ type. As we settled in, I realized that we’re meeting after a long a time and how much we have to catch up on. “It was going to be a happy evening”, I thought, as my friend started scanning the menu.

As the evening rolled in, two young parents entered the pub. They had 3 children, most probably of the age group 9, 6 and 2. The father was carrying a cake and others were trotting behind him, while he was trying to find a suitable table to sit. Soon after, a huge group, maybe their extended family, joined them. There were two other kids in that group. While my friend was updating about his life, I was thinking to myself, “Who brings such young kids to a place like this?”. By the time our food came, more young parents came in with their kids.

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3 thoughts on “How are we raising our kids?

  1. I didn’t know the link was not working. Thanks for pointing it out. This is the only arts I wrote on this website. I am not a mother of two, I just put up a fake portfolio there. Because, they didn’t have any other option.


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