Day 32

Some days, I will feel motivated. Some days I have to drag my feet. The days when I am jam packed with plans, my brain tries to trick me to miss your workout is more. It requires an extra effort to design your day in such a way that you are able to make time … Continue reading Day 32


Day 31

Thank God for enthusiastic kids who listen to anything you say. There is this kid in my neighborhood, who has just taken his class X exam. I came to know that every morning 6 to 8 he plays football in the stadium. So yesterday, I fleetingly mentioned that I would love to go with him. … Continue reading Day 31

Day 18

I want to remember Day 18 as the day when I went for my run without even removing my makeup. And this photo stands testimony to it. Biggest achievement is not those sweat gleaming on my face, but it's the lipstick. I did not lick it off. Yayy!