Day 2

I am not a morning person, and I am not letting this become a hindrance on my road to 100 days running challenge. I believe, the best time to go running is a time you find convenient. So, my sister and I decided to reserve one hour from our evenings for running. I am super serious about it.

The most important thing which I am keeping in my mind is, a lot to be done to improve my body. It’s going to be a never ending journey. And I am not expecting an immediate result. Because when you expect too much, you get demotivated easily. I know good things take time. So when I ran today, I didn’t pressurise my body. I did what I could and I did good. My aim is to improve 1% daily. And that’s what made it easy today.

I ran for an hour. Of course, not continuously. I ran, I slowed walked, I brisk walked, and ran again. This is the cycle I followed. But, I didn’t stop in between to catch my breath. I was on the move continuously.

I believe I did better than yesterday, but less than what I would do tomorrow.


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