Day 3

What do you do when you have this ridiculous determination to go for your run and a dinner invitation soon after? And, the venue is far away from your home and you want to be on time? Also, you don’t have a vehicle.

In this scenario, I decided to run to the venue. After this confession I may come off as a hungry wolf who couldn’t contain her excitement at the prospect of free delicious food. But, I am proud of what I did. Think what you may.

With each day, I falling in love with my hometown all over again. I never used to run/walk so much around the town before, there was always car or scooter to my rescue. And I didn’t know what I was missing on. There is so much more you observe when you are on your feet. I am glad that I am running. It makes me so much more positive. I am discovering a new side of me. I feel grateful.


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