Day 5- My body, my rules

The secret to successfully work on yourself is to never get disheartened when people say they see no change in you. Carry on your work silently and make your success make the noise. That’s what I am doing. Because I am not doing it for a short term gain, I have a long term lifestyle plan.

I am toiling. I know how much work I am putting in. I know how I am stepping a little out of my comfort zone every day. I am pushing my limits everyday. I am testing my self determination, which I thought I don’t have when it comes to exercise. So, nobody else has a say in it, especially when it’s negative.

Along with running, I am also improving my diet. It’s difficult to control diet when you stay at home. Parents are a weird creature. They keep complaining that I am putting on weight, but when I sit for my meals, they will serve me a heap of food. But, I am being strict with myself. I am eating everything but in smaller portion; completely avoiding sugar, and eating more greeny leafy vegetables and fruits. And, making sure I do a hearty breakfast and light dinner.


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