Day 16- photo journey

The weather was lovely yesterday. So, I took a route longer than my usual one.

Duliajan boasts of such clean and green environment. It’s a pleasure to walk around. I wish the younger generation understood this and leave their bikes at home.

After leaving in metros for almost a decade, you wish for a quieter place like this to return to. I wonder sometimes, why did I stay away for so long? Why it took me 9 years to return?

This is the Helipad. When I was a kid, I sometimes saw helicopters standing here. I don’t know who flew them. But, I remember excitedly sticking my head out of the car window to see the helicopters everytime we pass through this area. There are no helicopters now. People just come here for workout.

You see those kids in the distance? They were practicing for a dance performance. I am glad they are learning to make such good use of public space. It reminded me of an afternoon spent loitering around at Nishat Bagh in Kashmir. Where a huge group of young boys were singing and playing musical instruments. It was a delight to hear them. And here, seeing these kids dancing made me smile.

How could anyone not run here?

“I really regret that run”, said no one ever.


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