Day 31

Thank God for enthusiastic kids who listen to anything you say. There is this kid in my neighborhood, who has just taken his class X exam. I came to know that every morning 6 to 8 he plays football in the stadium. So yesterday, I fleetingly mentioned that I would love to go with him. I asked him to wake me up before he goes. Today morning at 6am, he was there at my door. I was very sleepy, but didn’t have the heart to dampen his spirit.

The kid told me that he needs to wake up one of his friends who stays closer to the stadium. He said they are going to play football together. This reminded me of my childhood, when I had a close gang of friends. We used to be excited about morning walk or cycling. One of us would take the responsibility of waking the whole gang up early morning, and then we would all set out on our little cycles. While our parents slept peacefully, we were outside in search of adventures. I had this believe that we need to be on the roads for new adventures. Aah, such good times!

This is me after my one hour running. Do you see some change in my body? I see. I find myself very tall and handsome in this one. I am so excited that my legs are getting lean. I used to love my lean and strong legs.

The next 30 days, along with my regular running, I am planning to add 40 minutes of yoga and pranayam. I am also focusing on controlling my diet and completely avoiding sugar. And, I have started to drink lots and lots of water.

Let’s see if I can keep up with all of these goals. Will keep you updated. Till then, work on that ass you always wanted.


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