Day 38

This was Day 38. My body has well adjusted to my workout regime. My pains have gone. My sore and tight muscles have gone. Even my feet uneasiness have disappeared. I now feel light and quick on my feet. The distance which earlier seemed threatening now looks doable with minimum effort. I have now completed shifted to running. I can now run fast and for longer. I get immense satisfaction from the workout these days.

Working on one’s body is a continuing process, just like eating. You just can’t overfeed yourself for one year and try to sustain without food for the rest of your life. Similar is working out or exercises. You must start and you must never stop. When I had just started running, many people would come to me and tell me that I mustn’t stop. I can’t figure out why they thought I would stop? No one can stop once you get the taste of working out. Once you get the benefit you are getting for grinding yourself an hour daily, you won’t stop.

I am glad it has become a habit for me. I just cannot imagine my day without it. A slight delay in my running routine makes me restless now. It’s given me a new and better way of life, and I have embraced it with open arms. Wish I had started earlier! 🙂


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