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Venetian diary – I

One can either get down directly at the St. Lucia station, in Venice. Or you can get down in Mestre, the suburb of Venice and then take a bus, train, water boat, or the tram . In my case, instead of directly going to Venice, I decided to reach its suburb ‘Mestre’ first and then take a tram ride to Venice. Just the way most of the locals do. I love tram rides. They are pure old school charm. They are unbelievably cheap. And, they slowly chug their way across the city, giving you the perfect opportunity to see all the prettiest things a place has to offer.

When the tram moves ahead leaving the suburb, one can see the vast Adriatic sea on your right. This last stretch of the ride is long with hardly any stations in between. You won’t see any other person or vehicle outside the tram. Just the sea and fleets of ships and cruises coming in or going out. Just when I thought this ride could take a while and I should settle down, I saw the stretched out land floating in the sea from where the Venetian lagoon starts. When I reached the final tram stop- Venezia- Piazzale Roma, it was 8.15am.

Only when I stepped out of the tram, I hit me that I was in Venice. The city on water. The city of art and beauty. The city labelled as one of the most romantic cities on earth. As I walked towards the heart of my city, I saw people cleaning the streets. Vegetable vendors setting up their stalls in the market. Owners decorating their fancy Gondolas. I saw locals starting their day with a glass of wine. Previous day tourists slowly making their way to the station. What I loved the most was the smell of freshly brewed coffee that was coming from every possible direction.

I think, there’s no better time to arrive in a new city than early in the morning or late at night. You get to see the non-touristy side of a place. Without the fancy layers. Without the makeup. Without all the daily pretentiousness.

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