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Venetian diary – II

I hate those travel blogs where they write about all the things you need to see, all the things you need to experience, when visiting a place, making you feel like your trip would be incomplete if you miss any one of them. One thing they don’t realise it that we all are different and we all travel differently. Travelling is personal. We all have different priorities and expectations when we travel. So, no matter what anyone say, don’t fall into these tourists traps, and pick your own things to do while travelling. Trust me, you would love that more.

I was confused about what I wanted to experience on my first trip to Italy. I had just one day in each place, and it’s not enough to cover everything that I wanted to do or see. So, I made my own itinerary according to the time and things I wanted to do or see. And, Gondola ride in Venice was not on my list. I had my reasons. They are insanely expensive. Gondola ride in a jam packed canal is not charming at all. They look more prettier from afar. And, I swear there are tons of other better things you can do by saving your money on a Gondola ride.

I roamed around the different districts in Venice. I took a walking tour which was interesting and fun. I ate and drank in those hole in the wall cafes, which were much better than the ones in the main squares. I hopped on a boat and went to Burano for a quiet afternoon. I had a tons of gelatos. I got drenched in the rain later in the evening while exploring the San Marco square. I just got lost in the city. So, I did whatever I wanted to do and I don’t regret at all.

You need months, or maybe years to explore Italy. A day in any Italian city is like a fleeting moment. Just like a beautiful landscape you see for few minutes when you drive by. My first visit was like that. Like I was just stopping by to say hello and make an acquaintance.

I believe I will get plenty of time in the future to brew a love affair with Italy- until then I am happy with my hello!

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