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Venetian diary – III

Customized walking tours are so common in this part of the world. And they are not like the traditional ones in which the guide would just ramble on and on about a place or monument in the most uninteresting way possible. They are fun, engaging, free (they don’t charge, you just tip them) and can be easily booked online.

On my husband’s recommendation I registered myself with walking tours, and I am so glad I did. I enjoyed them thoroughly. And if you are someone who likes to explore a place on foot, who wouldn’t mind walking for two hours or more, and enjoys interesting trivia about a place, then you would love these walking tours.

The most impressive thing is that these guides put a lot of effort in their content which speaks volumes about their passion for the city.

According to my tour guide in Venice, this church is the most preferred wedding church in the city. The most obvious reason is that it’s somewhat white in colour. The outer appearance of the church resembles an antique jewelry box. The name of the church is Santa Maria die Miracoli -‘the church of miracle’, and that’s makes it auspicious for weddings. And apparently, this is the only church in Venice which has direct Gondola access. So, a bride wearing heels and a fancy gown doesn’t have to walk a lot and cross a dozen bridges to reach her wedding venue. She can just get down from the Gondola right in the front of the church.

Unfortunately, I didn’t witness any wedding in Venice. But, I did one in Florence!

Thanks to my tour guide, I also got the opportunity to see the red light area of Venice.

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