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The truth about House of Juliet

When in Verona, a visit to Juliet’s house is a must. Or is it?

I was warned by all the travel websites that this place would be insanely crowded. I thought maybe they were exaggerating, so I went to find out by myself (being a literature lover I cannot not visit it). And, this is what I witnessed.

Juliet house was crowded. So much that you cannot even make out the main entrance from the main street. From the entrance, you cannot see anything but hundreds of heads.

You see the walls of the courtyard covered top to bottom, right to left, with love notes and confessions (which for me was a highlight). Before you reach the tiny courtyard, on your left you would find mail boxes where one can write letters to Juliet (Like in the movie).

Finally after reaching the courtyard when I looked up, I saw a modern version of Romeo and Juliet standing in ‘the balcony’ and kissing while their friend was clicking pictures from below.

I couldn’t get a picture while touching Juliet’s breast (which is considered good luck in love) because it is not possible when you are traveling alone. People give you like one second to do the act. I don’t know if they know that it’s not even the real statue.

So, I looked around to find the most ignored space in the courtyard, and I asked a gentleman to click my picture with this door. At least, I got the entire frame to myself!

Romeo and Juliet didn’t actually lived in Verona, the city was just a backdrop in Shakespeare’s work of fiction. Yet, Verona celebrates Romeo and Juliet like they were real. They have Romeo and Juliet restaurants, bed and breakfasts, shops, and what not.

Albeit this elbow pushing, suffocating experience, I am glad I went there. Because, it’s Romeo and Juliet. Also, because there are only few places in this world dedicated to love or lovers.

I just went there for the sake of visiting and spent only 10 minutes. If you are a literature freak, I know you would

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Eulogy for self!

She always wanted to be remembered. It was important for her, so much, that she wanted an extraordinary death. Perhaps while climbing the mount Everest or while sky diving. Where she would come out as a hero rather than just a death body. The reality was far from it. She died in a normal and somewhat funny way. She was telling a story to all her grandkids and suddenly decided to pop a pill which was past its expiry.

“She hated the medicines. I don’t know why she took it that night”, said her lover and husband of last 50 years.

But, being the sunny positive person she is, her epitaph reads- don’t mourn, my last meal was sumptuous.