Need it all

Silver linings
won’t work anymore
we need
patches of colours
that an artist suddenly decides
to not put on the canvas
striked out, discarded
from a writer’s diary
focussed yet never shot
uncomposed songs
from a lyricist’s heart
stubbed out with cigarette butts
that our minds brew
while we take a dump
line of thoughts
that break a conversation
and take us elsewhere
the scans
of our brain when we try
to keep a spoon in the fridge
and the butter in the sink
that were never extended
that were never said

I don’t know why.
Maybe to tell us
life is too short and
bad news don’t come knocking?

to console us on days
when we couldn’t do anything substantial
to stand as evidence of
something in the making?

I just need it all

scrawled across the sky
to hide the silver linings.

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